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Embeddable Concerts! (Plus, I think I'm in Loooooove...)

Choirs of Angels Sing!

Some of the concerts that have been uploaded to the Live Music Archive now include an embeddable player!

Not all, or even most. It looks like it's something completely new, but...awesome!

I was overjoyed when the Live Music Archive started offering preview playlists for some of its newer concerts, in large part because I could listen to the sound quality before I downloaded anything. But now you can share your finds with the whole entire world once you find something that rocks your socks. AWESOMENESS!

I found this out by accident, by the way. I was looking up information about Hank Williams III (I have gotten a taste for honky punk/psychobilly music.) Well, anyway, in poking around III's Web site, I find a direct link to his files over on the Live Music Archive.

And that's how I found out that some of the concert playlists are now embedable.

Anyway, below is the playlist for Hank Williams III Live at the Lincoln Theater (April 8, 2006). Unfortunately, you won't be able to see the actual playlist (click the link if you want to see it), but you can play the whole beautiful thing, and that's what counts, right?

While the sound quality and the music is THE AWESOME, you should know that the concert below is not safe for work, SO VERY, VERY NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

But day-um, I do believe that I am in love...


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