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The Snowpocalypse Will Be Photographed

I'm not dead! I swear!

I've just been in-over-my-head busy. (Plus, I had one of those birthdays, the kind that has a number that I'd just as soon forget. So I've been trying very, very hard to do it.)

This weekend has been of the unfun kind. You know...shoveling, freezing, warming up after the shoveling, and then back out to shovel some more. Out of the past 38 hours, I've spend 6 hours shoveling.

I refuse to go out again. I don't care if the snow drifts enough to bury my car. I have no dry clothes left.

Some of you may doubt that New England is in the grip of a Snowpocalypse. I am here to provide photographic proof that we are seriously f@*#%!

This photo below pretty much sums up my weekend:

For more of the horror show, pickspam can be found under the cut:

The Charles River Lakes Region does look pretty in a snowstorm. Hard to appreciate it when you're out in the middle of said storm, though.

It goes without saying that traveling was either difficult or impossible, depending on your mode of transportation.

The main roads were slippery but passable, provided you could deal with plows...

The side streets, on the other hand, were a lost cause, as this car found out. The driver couldn't get enough traction to reach the top of an incline. Ultimately, he had to back down the main drag.

Other back roads saw no traffic at all.

I didn't see a single train pull into the Commuter Rail stop all day.

These next two photos pretty much sum up the futility of it all.

On a good note, at least the fire hydrants are being kept clear by...someone. Can't tell you who. I've yet to see buildings & grounds leave their snow plows.

Despite my pissy mood, I had to admit that some scenes looked distinctly 'Tis the Season...

Seeing these over-burdened wires, however, makes me worry that I'll be losing power at some point.

It goes without saying that no one is going to be enjoying these parks anytime soon. I know it's hard to judge just from these photos, but you're looking at a snow build-up of 18 to 24 inches.

This is the Women's Studies building at Brandeis University. See the warrior woman on the banner? I know exactly how she feels.

I am woman, hear me RAWR! See that snowbank next to my car? Yes, I am responsible for creating it. Six hours shoveling over a 38-hour period. Six. Hours.

Here's my car from another angle.

I have one final reason why there's no way I'm going back out there to shovel again (aside from no dry clothes).

A broken shovel...

Heaven help me, I am exhausted...

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