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Photo Project: January 2, 2009

Even though the weather looks worse in this photo, the air is a whole lot warmer and a lot more pleasant than yesterday.

Also oddly enough, the ice on the water actually looks thicker than yesterday. Why this surprises me, I don't know. Yesterday it was roughly 17.0° F (-8.3° C), not including windchill factor. Today it was about 24.0° F (-4.4° C), with almost no windchill factor. It isn't like the temperature got anywhere above freezing, yet it felt like I could go outside without a coat and not freeze to death.

The metabolism of New England residents are a strange and wondrous thing. Best if we don't think about it, really.

And, yes, this photo was taken an hour earlier than yesterday's photo.

Below is January 2, 2009.

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