liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

Seeking People Who've Had Their Knees Replaced

Daddy!Marcs is going in next week to get his right knee replaced.

Frankly it was a long time in coming, and even though he could wait to get it done there was a cancellation and he magically ended up getting something a little sooner than "a year from now."

So, anyone out there had knee replacement surgery within the past couple of years? Or had a relative who had one within that time period? [The reason for the short time span is because joint replacement surgery technology has vastly improved from, say, 5 years ago.]

I mean, I can dig up the medical literature and all that, but first-hand accounts of been-there-done-that would be a huge help for moi. I'm even thinking of passing on a print-out of comments to the Parental Units so they'd have some first-hand testimony. (Just giving fair warning there.)

Among the things I'd like to know:

  • Pain. How bad and for how long?

  • What kind of drugs should my parents expect? (I.e., blood thinners, prophylactic antibiotics, etc.)

  • How quickly did they get you back on your feet? Did they make you get out of bed and hobble around the same day? Or did they wait a day or two?

  • How long was your hospital stay?

  • My dad has the option of going home right after hospitalization, or stopping for a couple days at a rehab center between hospital and home. Which option would you recommend? Home first? Or rehab center first?

  • Which is better during the recovery process: walker or crutches?

  • How long was it before you could return to normal activities of daily living? We're hearing anything from 6 weeks to 3 months.

Just some things to keep in mind about Daddy!Marcs: He's in fairly good health and in his mid-60s. My parents also live on the second floor for Ye Olde Compound, which could be a factor in choosing the rehab-center-first option.

So my All-Wise and All-Know Flisties, any information you could give me would be mucho appreciated.


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