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The Cold that Won't End...and the Drugs that Hate You

I want to thank everyone who gave advice on my dad's upcoming knee surgery. You've helped more than I can ever express. For a start, it helped him decide to go to rehab after the surgery, rather than coming straight home after the hospital. (He was torn leaning toward "take me home" before on the issue.)

I swear, I'll get around to thank everyone, but right now I'm a little doped up (*heeeee!*) due to Sudafed. Normally, Sudafed doesn't whack me out, but I spent all last night sniffing and blowing my nose while my sinuses decided to drain like a leaky faucet. So, I had zero sleep.

Was that above paragraph TMI? I'm pretty sure it was, but like I said...Doped. To. The. Gills. Or possibly so tired that I can't see straight.

I have continued to take my daily photos, but I have zero energy to go through the whole process of transferring photos, uploading them, and then linking.

I'll an under-the-cut post spanning Friday-Saturday-Sunday tomorrow. Assuming that I'll even be able to see straight, which might not be the case.

On the upside, the Sudafed is working. *eyes bed* And I'm thinking an "early to sleep" deal tonight because being up for nearly 24 hours straight because you're sick falls into the realm of "no fun."

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