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Update on the State of Me... (Personal/fannish)

Whelp, Dad!Marcs is doing okay (sudden decision to give him a blood transfusion this morning aside).

Sadly, he couldn't go to rehab today because — get this — there was no room for him.


Even better, they're not sure they'll be able to find a room for him at a rehab center in the immediate future.


Did, like, no one make sure there would be a temp bed available upon hospital discharge? Seriously?

So, it may come down to him staying in the hospital rehab, which thrills exactly no one at this point.

Thank God my parents have a Blue Cross/Medicare combo because this shit's all covered no matter what happens, but c'mon! I guarantee that if he winds up in hospital rehab, a representative from Blue Cross and a representative from the feds will be burning a replacement knee part on my parents' front lawn within the week.

Plus, Dad!Marcs has edged into the grumpy-tired-bored-PiTA portion of the program. This is not helping. I think he's secretly planning on blowing up the hospital if he finds out he's stuck there for another 2- to 3-weeks.

I figure that by the time this is over, my apartment will be a total pit, what with me not being home on weekends due to chip-in and cheer-up duty.

I think I've figured out what spouses are for. They're the people who do shit around the house because you're too busy running around doing other shit to accomplish the usual chores.

I knew that he shouldn't have gone into surgery while Mercury was in retrograde. I knew it. Did I say anything? Why, no. Because I don't want anyone to think I'm nuts.

(Too late.)


On the cheer-up front, sunnyd_lite wrote that nifty little knifeplay story I was blabbing about under the influence of cold meds. Go read By-Gones, a genuinely creepy short about Xander, Faith, and a knife that manages to be gen while still being charged powerplay. Go give her much love.


Also on the cheer-me-up front, The Smoking Gun's Backstage Pass has Iggy Pop's Backstage Rider, which is an utter and complete laugh-fest from beginning to end. Seriously, I was cackling through all 18 pages of weird, off-balance British humor. It's the single best rider, hands-down, of any rider you'll ever read.

Seriously. This rider made me fall in love with Iggy just a little bit.


I think I might be one of the few that actually liked Friday's ep of Battlestar Galactica, although I was doubly impressed by the fact that the cast had to film with the script they had instead of the script they necessarily wanted.

Because this was the script they shot while the writers were on strike, so there couldn't be any re-writes if something didn't work. To give the production team and the writers a lot of credit, they praised the cast to high heaven for making it work — despite the fact that not one of them could make themselves available if problems came up.

Although, holy God, could you imagine this being the final episode if SciFi decided not to let them go ahead with the last episodes? Gah!

I honestly think the entire episode (no, I won't write any spoilers) made sense from beginning to end. I may be in the minority in thinking that.


And, yay! Big Love is starting its new season tonight. Since I'm still on the 30-day free trial, I get to see it free-free-free.

God, how much do I hate Bill? So much so, that I'm actually contemplating keeping HBO for a couple of months so I can watch all of this season in real time and actively root for his untimely demise.

It's terrifying how much I hate Bill with the passion of 1,000 fire-breathing, furious nuns. Every time my regard for him couldn't get any lower, he manages to do something that brings him to an even lower place.

It's weird, but I hate him more than I hate the compound people. I hate him even more than Alby. (Alby creeps me the hell out. He's Big Love's version of Snoop. I love characters who are unrepentant in their crazy-bad.)

And Ben? Sooooooo on the list right now.

In the meantime, I want to kick some sense into Barb's head. Because, God knows, I can't see how she could possibly be any worse off than she already is. I want take Sarah away to a better place far, far away from her screwed-up family.

Are you ready to hear a really unpopular opinion, though?

The character I love the most is Nikki. Seriously. Love. Her. She's so screwed up that she doesn't even know it. And I feel so horribly bad for her. She's nobody's best or favorite anything or anyone. I swear, most of the time when she does something bad or hurtful, it's because that woman is starved for attention. She wants so badly to have something that's just hers, and she doesn't even seem to be aware of it.

So, yeah. I wanna wrap Nikki in cotton and take her away to someplace that's just hers. Maybe even give her an auto shop of her very own where she can happily fix things all day long and be paid oooodles of money for the trouble.

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