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Dammit, Big Love...and other fandom stuff...and Dad!Marcs

I'm not going to post spoilers, but damnit Big Love!

You just had to close your episode with "Forever Young" by Alphaville, didn't you? You just had to.

It's the one 80s synth-pop song guaranteed to make me burst into tears every. single. time. And then to throw it in like a sucker-punch right there are the end...


(Actually, maybe I should blame David Byrne since he's the one who's responsible for the music on Big Love.)

And Nikki...WAAAAAAAHHHHHH! You're breaking my heart!

In other news, the fourth (or is it the fifth or sixth) debate round of white privilege, cultural appropriation, and racism in fandom has officially made me paranoid.

Ooooooh, no. I'm not getting involved. I poke my head up over the edge of that foxhole, I'm liable to get it shot off. I'm just going to keep my head down and avoid being beheaded, thanks.

It doesn't help that I can kinda see all sides here, BTW. I almost want to call for a Reconciliation Committee so everyone can just talk this shit out. I blame my UU soul for this kneejerk response.

In any case, good ol' Eva Swithin has once again (and finally) started tapping me on the shoulder because last we all saw her, she was stranded on the Mali Sahel with with the dire choice in front of her.

Except with all the yelling going on, I'm now officially paranoid about moving forward and fixing up those final nearly incomprehensible chapters of Facing the Heart in Darkness.


I know, I know. It looks so bloody self-centered, doesn't it? Doesn't matter that there are legitimate grievances being aired and hurt feelings being felt on all sides of the multi-faceted fight that's been on-going now for (*checks watch*) weeks. Oh, no. I'm worried about my fanfiction. [/self-directed sarcasm]

Finally, just got back from a weekend with the 'rents. Dad is up and hobbling around.

But, he does want me to pass on a message:

While he appreciates all of your helpful advice, he would like to say this: "You all lie and your feet stink!"

(Oh, wait. That may have been directed at me...)

He has declared that he will throw himself on a grenade rather than go through the knee replacement operation again for his other knee. He will throw himself on a grenade rather than let anyone he actually cares about go through with a knee replacement operation.

However, if someone he doesn't like decides to go through with it, he will point, laugh, and buy popcorn for the sheer entertainment of it.

After the past two weeks of watching (and hearing) my Dad deal with the pain of replacement body parts, I've decided to hold out until they can grow cartilage in petri dish with some lovely stem cells as a base and inject it into troublesome joints. Until then, I will deal with my early-stage arthritis by chewing Extra Strength Tylenol early and often.

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