liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

In Which Your Humble Correspondent Discovers Why LinkedIn May Be a Force for Good...

Sooooooo, I was a-thinkin' of once more trying Weight Watchers.

Then it hit me: that high fructose corn syrup problem I've got. As in: I can't have it, and almost all of the "low fat" food Weight Watchers pushes on you is loaded with it.

Yeah, yeah. They do the whole "eat your fruits and veggies" thing. Which I do already. But all that food is supplemented by, you guessed it: low fat and no fat food. Which is fine. Great even.

Except when you can't actually have it because...well...see high fructose corny syrup problem.

The I got to thinking: Hey! What about a nutritionist?

Well, why not give it a shot? Plus a nutritionist would actually be able to work with me on an individualized program wherein my weird dietary problem could be taken into account. Wheeeeee!

So, I head over to my friendly local BlueCross site (my BlueCross plan kind of rocks...I can hire a nutritionist without asking permission first and get a nice little discount) and look up nutritionists.

I get a dozen.

Rather than just throwing a dart at names I...Googled their names...

Look, I'm hiring a healthcare provider, right? Might be kind of helpful if I found out what medical papers they've written, where they've been published, what their overall philosophy is, right?

Because some nutritionists go for that New Age-y thing. Now, I have nothing against New Age-y, but I'd like to know if I'm going to be fending off a hard sell for AcaiBerry drinks.

In any case, this exercise cut the list down to 3. Yay!

Which very quickly got cut down to 1. Why? Because only one of the nutritionists had her resume on LinkedIn.

There it was in black-and-white. Her entire work history, her education history, the specialties in which she's been licensed, her publications...

Oh, hi there new nutritionist person you! I want you to be my paid nutrition educator!

Anyway, I've made an appointment. I also made sure to tell her that her LinkedIn profile was the deciding factor in choosing her. (She was pleased to know that.)

So, yeah...LinkedIn has already turned out to be kind of useful.

Unlike Facebook, which...what is Facebook for again? Aside from stealing 100% your content for all eternity, that is.

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