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WtF Moments in Today's News

Oregon Anti-Bush protestors get it in the face. Heard about this on the blogs this a.m., but it sounded so outlandish that I was looking for proof from a newspaper link.

I finally have it: Police fire pepper balls at protestors, from the Ashland (OR) Daily Tidings.

The long and short: Bush supporters and Kerry supporters were in front of a hotel shouting their slogans. Police asked the Kerry supporters to move for traffic reasons. Most did but a handful resisted, which resulted in the police essentially opening fire on the Kerry supporters.

The Bush supporters were unmolested.

For some first-hand accounts, here are more blog entries on it:

Bloggg: WtF is this crap?

Lion's Den: Protesters attacked by riot police


Should I be happy or worried? John Kerry supporters may or may not be happy to know Joss Whedon is doing his bit to support Kerry. Via Metablog, it appears that Whedon is doing a special fundraiser for Kerry-Edwards, America's OtP.

The evil plan (heh) behind High Stakes 2004 (Get It!?!) is to have houseparties nationwide on October 24. At 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT, all the houseparties will conference call in and for $35, Joss Whedon himself will answer your question.

*blink, blink*

That's either one of the most clever ideas I've ever heard, or one of the most egocentric insane ones I've ever heard.

I had heard rumors about this earlier, but I was under the impression that Joss was fishing for cast members from Angel, Buffy, and Firefly to join him. Going on this, it looks like it's Joss alone.

Allllllllrighty, then.


And that reality-based community keeps biting Bush in the ass... Just because today would not be complete unless my head exploded. When we have Pat Robertson sounding like he's actually got more real estate in the "reality-based community" than GeeDubbya, you know that we've got a serious problem in the White House.

Check out this CNN interview where Robertson says that he warned Bush that the Lord told him that Iraq was going to be A, a disaster, and B, messy. The best part? Bush assured Robertson that God told him otherwise.

If I actually believed either one of these dudes had a red phone to any god whatsoever, I'd say that Bush dialed the wrong number, or at the very least he had static on the line when he had this particular conversation. From now on GeeDubbya should maybe let Robertson use the phone.


I can't believe I just said that...

See what this administration is doing to me? See? I'm beginning to look at Robertson as the voice of sanity.

That is just scary shit...


No need to wait until Halloween to be scared. Oh, and for those of you who want to know more about the "reality-based community" catchphrase making the rounds in the anti-Bush camps, you must check out Ron Suskin's Without A Doubt.

Un-fucking-believable. I'm a strict separationist when it comes to church and state, so I find this article terrifying in the extreme. I can't imagine that it makes too many people comfortable.

You know? I remember someone asking GeeDubbya if he talked to Bush 41 when he was preparing to invade Iraq. I remember hearing the answer that was something like, "I talked to my 'real' father (meaning God) about it.'


FYI, you'll need to register (free) with the NYT to read.


Hey, Iran still hates Iraq. Still, I gotta wonder how Rove is gonna spin this.

I mean, Iran, a member of the so-called Axis of Evil has Endorsed Bush for President.

Any day now, we should be hearing pro-Bush announcements from Syria and Lebanon. Expect Hamas to whip out the vote for Bush in the closing weeks of the election...

Actually, I am being unfair to Iran. I actually found the political evolution of Iran a rather interesting thing to follow. But considering they've got American troops in their backyard and vague threats that they're next, I can't blame them for freaking and stepping up their nuke program.

I mean, let's be honest, if the U.S. of A. were in their shoes, we'd do the same. Hell, wasn't the Manhattan Project the result of us trying to beat the Germans before they got their hands on a nuclear weapon?

Yeah, that's what I thought.


A little light fun at Kerry's expense. Two links that crack my shit up.

Nerve Dotcom has 51 Thoughts on the Apparant Sexiness of John Edwards that is an absolute scream to read.

My favorites run of points?

4. If Edwards is sexy, what kind of sexy is he? Is he sexy in the dangerous, you'd-like-to-sleep-with-him sense? Or is he sexy in the innocuous, teenage crush sense? I think it's more of the latter. Go to a rally and talk to the forty-five-year-old groupies going wild for Edwards. They sound like they're on TRL.

5. Bill Clinton, of course, was sexy in the former sense. He was sexy in the dangerous, you'd-like-to-sleep-with-him sense. Actually, Bill Clinton was sexy in the dangerous, you'd-like-to-sleep-with-him, and-after-you-slept-with-him, he-slept-with-your-roommate sense.

6. But we miss that playa, don't we?

Then we have the Interpretation of the John Kerry Campaign that uses pictures and captions. A total hoot that had me sniggering at my desk.


On a personal note... Thanks to people who took a look at nwhepcat's b-day story. I'll email you guys in a few days (I've been sick, as in flu-sick).

I'll be trying to get a new part of Living History up tomorrow night since I realize that it really, really needs to be done before Thanksgiving.

My cya_ficathon story will only get a teaser up by deadline. Due to a heavy writing schedule and the plot bunny that wouldn't die (see: nwhepcat) the end of it will be delayed. However, the first few parts will be posted with apologies with a big promise to finish it.

nwhepcat may or may not be pleased to know that her birthday story is going to be freakin' long, as in over 100 pages long, as in possibly approaching 250 pages long.


Finally, to no one's surprise... My political leanings.

You Should Vote For Kerry

John Kerry

Though You'd Rather Vote for Michael Moore


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