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I am Officially Old...Remembering V-66

It's official. I'm old. Doddering even.

Because when I saw this logo on b0st0n, I let out an involuntary cheer.

The old V-66, aka The Poor Man's MTV.

It was called "The Poor Man's MTV" not because it sucked (it really didn't), but because if you didn't have cable this was the only way to see music videos. Damn, some of my fondest memories from my school days was doing homework up in my bedroom and tuning in to V-66 on a tiny 12-inch black & white portable television and watching the snowy transmission.

I especially remember how that stupid UHF antenna (the round antenna, not the bunny ears) would never, ever stay in one place. Every 15 minutes I'd have to fiddle with it to make the picture a little less snowy. The less snowy effect would last about 15 minutes before the white noise threatened to take over the picture again, and I'd have to repeat the process.

But calling V-66 The Poor Man's MTV isn't quite correct. It was more like your local radio station broadcasting live and direct (Max Headroom fans, see what I did there?) into your TV. They didn't just show videos from "big-ish acts." Nope. The showed videos from local bands that weren't signed to a label. They showed Alt-Music (or music that was considered Alt for the 80s). They had music shows, and sports shows, and call-in request shows...and..and...and...

Did I mention that this was all live?

So, what's with the trip down memory lane? Some local filmmakers have decided to make a documentary about the brief shining time V-66 existed. (Note: Aside from the Boston Globe sharing the happy news at the link, there's also a YouTube video showing clips from V-66.)

I'm so strangely excited about this, I can't tell you. It's remembered this piece of my childhood, right? A good piece. A piece that I had somehow forgotten. A piece that I share in common with a whole bunch of kids that grew up in central and southern New England that is absolutely unique to here.

And someone remembered and it makes me giddy that someone did before V-66 became a bit of Boston broadcast history that's been completely forgotten. I found a brief history of V-66 here on Wikipedia.

Less than two years? V-66 only lasted less than two years? It seems like it was a huge part of my life. Course, given the age I was at the time V-66 broadcasted, it probably was.

I know the article says that "Take On Me" by a-ha, "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama and "Raspberry Beret" by Prince were the most heavily played videos on V-66, yet strangely enough, those aren't the videos I most closely associate with my V-66 watching.

It's "State of the Nation" by Industry and "It's My Life" by Talk Talk.

God Bless teh Internets, that marvelous series of tubes, because I found both videos with a click of the mouse.

Since I don't feel like walking down memory lane by myself, I'm inviting you all to join me.

Even if you were bereft of ever experiencing the 1985 to 1986 glory that was V-66.

State of the Nation by Industry

It's My Life by Talk Talk

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