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The Pet Shop Boys...and the Real Deal

Damn! How much do I love the Pet Shop Boys.

There's a fantastic vid up at YouTube from the 2009 Brit Awards that show just how much they are the Real Deal. Talented, consummate entertainers, and the ability to merge the human element with the technological.

They're all the more fantastic just because they still have that edge of humanity while technology eats the rest of the music industry.

sunfell had a fantastic link to the use and abuse of AutoTune in the music industry, and the reason why so many pop records have that "Singing Cylon" effect, almost like a computer is trying to sound human, instead of the other way around.

[The time story she links to has a PodCast that's worth listening to.]

The Pet Shop Boys always had a bit of Cylonicity in their performances, but unlike a lot of popsters today who are going for their inner Cylon in the recording studio, the Pet Shop Boys can replicate their sound in a live performance.

Here's the fantastic 10-minute vid where they do a live melody of their better-known tunes at the this year's Brit Awards.

[Note to my U.K. peeps: I'm jealous. Seriously]


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