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Re: Big Love...Seriously?!?

Not writing any spoilers about tonight's episode, but I will say it was fantastic. I laughed my ass off in some parts, and cried in others.

But it really was the Mormon Griswalds re-trace Mormon history. Really.

Just one thing, though.

The Hill Cumorah Pageant...seriously?!? I mean, seriously seriously?

I know a certain someone on my FList had described this once in a LJ entry, but I thought she was exaggerating just a little bit for comic effect. Sort of in that same way you'll see Catholics and ex-Catholics exaggerating stories involving nuns just a little bit comic effect.

But...really...she may have been underplaying the whole thing.


Holy cats! Here's the Web site for it.


Ummm, look. I know I'm U-U to the bone, and everyone has a right to their beliefs and yadda yadda yadda.


I'm...giggling like a loon.

If that cast gets any whiter...y'know, you'd think there'd at least be some Italian-American Mormons running around, right? Use the old Hollywood trick of having Americans whose last name ends in a vowel play First Nations character.

Because right now I'm seeing blue-eyed white dudes in...can I call that "red face"? a major, religiously based pageant.

I...*waves hands*...I can't even...

Jesus. Wept.

*continues to boggle*

ETA: Trivia point learned from the Web site...Orson Scott Card wrote the script for the Hill Cumorah Pageant.

Ummmm, isn't that kind of like letting Ron Moore write a musical based on the bible? As in...probably not the best idea ever.

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