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I hates kerfluffles...

Don't ever, ever, ever, ever, ever post a new part of Living History when the test list is up in arms in a stupid-ass kerfluffle over JMS and his plot-lines for Spider-Man.

Scratch that: Avoid even looking at the test list when there is a kerfluffle about anything because it annoys the hell out of me.


Seriously, it's a fanfiction list. Why the fuck is anyone arguing about OT shit when the vast majority of people don't give a whoop?

No. Seriously.

The moderator needs to fucking acting like one and put a stop to the noise. It's getting waaaaaay out of control.

And on another note: Don't even bother trying to be positive about the new Battlestar Galactica series on a list that is overwhelmingly made up of drooling old skool fans.

Duuuuude! I am an old skool fan. I was one of the founders of this goddamn list! I have the entire DVD set with Cylon head in my hot little hands. Acting like I'm pissing on the statue of the Virgin Mary every time I say something positive about neo-Battlestar pisses me the hell off.

I mean, c'mon! The reviews on TWOP from the U.K.--where it's already airing--are uniformly good. They're completely digging it! I'm looking forward to seeing it!

Acting like everyone associated with neo-Battlestar is personally destroying you and killing any chance of your "dream" reunion movie/television series/whatever does not paint you as reasonable people.

And if I hear one more person call Richard Hatch (the original Apollo) a mean little traitor for taking a role in the new series playing a character that's actually really interesting and nothing at all like the character he played in the original series, I will scream.

I mean, c'mon, I am far from a fan of Richard Hatch. I think he's a terrible actor and his "novelezations" continuing the original series made me shudder, but the man's got to eat! looks like a damn good part!

Plus, what the hell is your deal with your hatred of Ron Moore? He's got a good track record. S3 through S7 of Deep Space Nine anyone? Carnivale? And please don't tell me that you refused to watch one or the other because you philosophically/religiously/fanboyishly refuse to watch anything Star Trek or science fiction on HBO. Further, don't tell me that you don't need to watch it because you know without watching it that it sucks.



Can't we all just agree to disagree? Please?

Ever feel like you're the only person in your fandom with a brain?

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