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It's My LJ-Versary! And I'll Meme If I Want to...

Okay. I'm a week late, what with being covered in plaster dust for, oh, a week. And living off cold cereal for dinner.

Anyway, it's been 5 years. Can you believe it? I can't believe it. And looking back, this LJ was a lot more fandom-centered back in the day. Hell, see the icon with this post? It's the first icon I ever had and used. I made it myself (you can tell).

For the hell of it, I thought I'd pull out some oldie but goodie posts, though not necessarily fandom-related.

No Pity, No Shame, No Silence
My first ever serious post in this LJ about sexual assault. At the time, I think I had 25 people on my FList when I wrote it. I'm putting it out there in the vain hope that someone out there might know something about the mysterious girl who crossed my path some 15 years ago and can drop me a line on the QT to let me know if she's okay.

Stalking the fanon Xander...
Since most of my 2004 posts were fanfic or fandom-related, I couldn't get away without posting at least one post. This one is pointing out that people who bash and Marty Stu a character may have far more in common than they think.

Some words about grammar from my son the nut, Allan Sherman.
The writercon folks might be happy with this one, since they get name-checked in a good way. This was written in response to a fanfic-writing wank that was making the rounds back in the day about whether or not grammar was important.

When You Wake the Black Man from Boston, Nicholas Scratch Will Surely Come to Call
A link-heavy musing about the tendency for some quarters of the U.S. to blame "teh liburuhls" for everything that goes wrong in society, and why history shows it's a horrible idea. Granted, my prognostications about the eventual fallout from this was off by a couple of years. But I was right in the end. A little New England folklore and history for your reading pleasure.

I Remember Townsend...
Eventually, everyone blogs about 9/11. This one is mine, but posted in response to a piece of propaganda that was aired on ABC in 2006. To this day, the response to the post overwhelms me.

What part of the definition of "plagiarism" don't you understand?
This one is more timely than you think, since it appears that Cassie Claire are back in the public eye due to a new pro book being published. This is in response to the massive HP scandal about her plagiarism in "The Draco Trilogy." Plagiarism of fanfiction is an endless source of fascination for me, so this was my take on it.

Moi vs. Mount Washington (Spoiler: The Mountain kinda wins.)
I admit. When real life gets too much for me, I go back and read this entry to remind myself that as bad as things can get, there's no way it can top 4 hours of heart-pounding terror. Really, this post has it all. Larfs. Terror. Helpful Tourists Who Are Not Terribly Helpful. Sex. Okay, there's no actual sex. But it does have the rest.

When the victim tied to the train tracks was a man...
This piece of theater history blows my mind, even to this day. Take one beloved trope (mustache-twirling villain tying his victim to the tracks) and turn it on its head. The catch? In the original version, the woman was the hero.

The One Where the Bad Guy Was the Good Guy All Along (A Terrifyingly True Story)
A mini-memoir about how the U.S. pedophile priest scandal hit me where I live in a really concrete way. As a side note, before the scandal broke in Boston, Massachusetts was roughly 50% Roman Catholic. Today, that number is 36%. That means a good chunk of the Massachusetts population is made up of very pissed-off ex-Catholics. What's more, most of those pissed-off ex-Catholics are not joining new churches or new religions. The distrust is that deep.

To All the Tourists I've Loved (And Not Loved) Before...
Ruminations and rantings about living in Tourist Central (i.e., Boston). Some helpful hints about how to befriend the locals and get them to do nice things for you. Hint: It's actually not all that hard.

In Honor of Darwin Day: Vaccines and Autism Aren't Linked
I was expecting to attract some wank on this one, given the hold that the anti-vax brigade seems to have on a subset of the population. I can't tell you how many times over the years I've gone round and round on this issue both online and in real life. And this is from someone whose immune system tends to overreact to vaccines. Still wouldn't leave home without 'em.

I am Officially Old...Remembering V-66
A fluffy post about local Boston history.

Whee! Happy Belaved LJ-Versary to me!

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