liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

Why the Pope and All Bishops Are Nothing More Than Pointy-Hatted Fucknuts: Part 2,413

I swear to God, there is no creature more pissed off in the universe than an ex-Catholic

Except, perhaps, and ex-Mormon.

No, wait. Let's split the difference. Ex-Catholics are infinitely more pissed off in the first, oh, 7 years. What ex-Mormons lose in short-term heat, they more than make up for it in time and distance. It's a lot like sprinters vs. long-distance runners.

Unless you bring up the massive sex-abuse scandals and cover-ups. Then it's eye-bleeding rage all over again for said ex-Catholic. And the the outrages just never, ever stop.

I don't need to get into the history of the pedophile priest scandals, right? Nor do I need to talk about my own brush with it, right?

And how, when the whole thing exploded out in the open during the 1980s, American bishops were shocked — just shocked — that there were priests sexually abusing children.

Naturally, Rome and the Other Fucknuts in Charge blamed "teh gheys" for the whole problem, even after courts handed them their asses. How "teh gheys" were at fault, by the way, was never explained to anyone.

Now, to be fair, I knew about the Servants of the Paraclete at a fairly young age. Somewhere between 12 and 16 anyway. And I certainly knew that Paraclete House in New Mexico was where they sent priests who "had problems." It was explicitly stated that said "problems" were either substance abuse or "sexual" in nature. (To be fair, the order was originally started to help alcoholic priests dry out and reform. The mission kind of drifted from there.)

Ummmm, yes. The nuns explained this to Catholic school students. In religion class. Seriously.

Now, I mention Servants of the Paraclete and Paraclete House for a very important reason.

You see, National Catholic Reporter today broke the story that in the mid-1950s Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald — who founded both the Servants of the Paraclete and Paraclete House — started kicking up holy hell about pedophile priests in letters to bishops and the Vatican.

Yes. You read that right. Father Fitzgerald was exchanging letters not just with various and sundry bishops about this issue, but the Great Pointy-Hatted One Himself, His Popeness.

And. He. Sounded. This. Alarm. For. More. Than. A. Decade.

The National Catholic Reporter has both the letters and the proof that at least one priest was on the case and at least trying to do something about it, and that the whole "sorry, didn't know" story the Catholic Church was spouting off was utter bullshit.

Well, every Catholic in the U.S. pretty much knew it was utter bullshit. But what we have here is what we call hard-core proof.

The ending (as you can guess) was not a happy one. Father Fitzgerald was so desperate to get these priests defrocked, he even put a down payment on a Caribbean island so he could ship these pedophile priests off the mainland and isolate them from all temptation. The plan was for it to be a lifetime sentence, because he was convinced that letting any of these guys stay active priests would only end in tears.

He was right. And he was punished for it.

By the mid-1960s, Father Fitzgerald was forced from the leadership of the very order of priests he founded. He died several years later.

Fucknuts. Pointy. Hatted. Fucknuts.

I hope the lot of you burns.

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