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And then there was 4...

Vermont has officially legalized same-sex marriage.

Unlike Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Iowa, which had the state supreme courts leaning heavily on their respective state constitutions to make it legal, the Vermont legislature first voted on it and then had to override a gubernatorial veto.

The Burlington Free Press has the whole package, including video, about Vermont's decision to become the 4th state in the nation to legalize same-sex marraige.

Remember when I said back in the day that we were gonna win?

We're gonna win. We're really, really gonna win.

And this video from the Iowa state senate in which Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal explains precisely why we're gonna win.

I...think I kinda love him, white Iowa farmboy looks and all.

And, oh yeah! Found on the Internet a few days ago:

"Stuart" by the Dead Milkmen. I had completely and totally forgotten about "Stuart," and you'd think with Iowa legalizing same-sex marriage and all, I'd remember without someone reminding me.

My God! Truly prescient in its way. And really, really good for a bit of a giggle.

I keeeeed Iowa. I keeed because I love.

Stuart - Dead Milkmen from Bryan J Busch on Vimeo.

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