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Kayaking New England...

Hunh. Kayaking must be turning into a long-term cultural thing here in New England.

The Boston Globe has run a list of New England's Top 10 Kayaking Spots.

Please note the overabundance of ocean kayaking. *facepalm*

Me, I much prefer sheltered harbors myself.

Although the first time ever that I kayaked, I did it by rowing across the mouth of Beverly Harbor from Lynch Park in Beverly to Willows Park in Salem, then around Willow's Park to Juniper Cove. Then I rowed back to Lynch Park.

To see how far that is, click to see an aerial view.

Yeah. That really was my introduction to kayaking.

Anyway, due to getting estimates on my car, I was in late to work this morning. Which means I'm going to be late to leave.


3 more hours of work to go.

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