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Within 24 hours Maine legalizes same-sex marriage and Washington DC recognizes same-sex marriage

It's official:

With the addition of Maine as the fifth state to perform and recognize same-sex marriage, 4 out of 6 New England states now issue marriage licenses to gays and lesbians.

That's right. More than half of the New England states now allow gays to marry.

Does my corner of the country rock or what? Go us!

Oh, and a bill making same-sex marriage legal is even now winding through the New Hampshire legislature. If it passes, that means 5 out of 6 New England states will recognize same-sex marriage be the end of 2009.

Rhode Island recognizes same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions, but doesn't yet issue marriage licenses themselves. I suspect that Rhode Island will be a tougher nut to crack than New Hampshire, to be honest, in large part because the culture in the state is so heavily Catholic. However, Rhode Island is nothing if not pragmatic. They're gonna want a cut of those honeymoon dollars, so I honestly suspect that before 2010 is out, they're going to join the New England gang.

Is it possible? Is it really possible that all of New England will recognize same-sex marriage within the next 2 years? It's stunning that this actually might come true.

I remember this as a shit-fight to end all shit-fights in Massachusetts. The fact that more and more people are coming over to the side equality just boggles my mind. In a good way.

Just when I lose faith in humanity, something happens to always give it back to me.

In other news, Washington DC has joined Rhode Island on the list of places that recognize same-sex marriage from other jurisdictions, but doesn't issue marriage licenses for themselves. This should be interesting, because the U.S. Congress has to sign off on this. Which means that Washington DC is about to run right smack into DOMA.

We live in interesting times (in a good way) indeed.

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