liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

Random Note for the Day

I really need to re-read A People's History of the United States.

Last time I read it, I was actually in Professor Zinn's history class at Boston University.

To this day I regret selling my copy back to the BU Bookstore. But I was a poor college student and needed the money to pay down my credit card which had been used to buy my class books. That regret is especially strong since Professor Zinn single-handedly helped me keep a big scholarship that allowed me to stay at BU.

And that's a loooooooong story involving third-party professor who decided that I didn't deserve to be at Boston University for no reason that I could ever discern. Professor Zinn inflated my grade a tiny bit by something like half a point...just enough to allow me to keep my grade-based scholarship.

*makes note to hit up bookstore after work*

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