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Whelp, I'm here...feed me


It's snowing. Blizzard conditions. In the middle of March. This is so very, very wrong.

And what's the deal with SUVs? Seriously. I mean the roads aren't even plowed yet and YOU ARE RIDING ON MY ASS!


My little Saturn is a standard, so I was able to plow through the unplowed roads by keeping it in second gear, but geez! Not the Indy 500. I'm just sayin'.

Since I'm new in these here parts, I'll just keep it light and fluffy.

Plus, I'm still unpacking from moving. I have boxes everywhere. Shoot me now. My office is a mess. Doesn't help my computer blessed me with a catastropic crash just as I was hooking up the new DSL. *yeesh* Temperamental bugger.

I know I'm late to the party on all the Buffistas that managed to catch Celeste in the City the other night, but just my .02 as someone who works in publishing:

The movie would've been a hella lot more enjoyable if I could, y'know, actually sympathize with Celeste. I hated her right out of the box. I mean, I spent my college years freelancing for dailies and writing obits for the Boston Herald which was just about the only reason why I got a staff writer job for a daily right out of the box. And I had to listen to this chick *whine* about being a fact checker?

Then we've got Celeste:
Making assumptions about her neighbor based on his chosen profession

Being an all-around ass

Willing to sleep with the boss in some quid pro quo about him reading his articles


Celeste reminded me waaaaay too much of some newly minted J-school grads who thought that because they were the editor of the school paper, had tits 'n ass, and 50 IQ points they thought they should get the front-page-above-the-fold gig. I had one of the sweeties try to back stab me by claiming that I was cribbing *her* notes. Since the managing editor knew me, knew my work, knew my writing style, and had seen me work the city beat for almost two years, sweetie found herself very quickly on the outs.

Of course, I was completely clueless until said managing editor took me aside two months after the fact and told me. My explosion was legend for another six months. short...hated Celeste (Loved the female editor who took Celeste under her wing, however. She had the right attitude from the git go about working your way up to the job.)

And, please, would it have been too much to ask for the "star reporter" to actually BE a "star reporter"? Seriously. Five minutes into the movie, I knew the bitchy rival was making stuff up. The giveaway was 10 magazine-length articles a week. Now I've managed 14 newspaper articles a week, but magazine length? Please.

Aside from the female editor (whose name I fergit), the only other people who managed to pull off their roles was EE as Kyle (I soooo wanna lick this guy) who was perfectly sweet. NB as Dana also did, I thought, I good job with the horrible material he was given to work with. Here's hoping we'll see both these guys working with material that actually give them something to work with, since they did so well with the sow's ear.

On a side note: I would soooo watch the Dana-Kyle show. Provided there were new script writers. Just sayin'.

Hmmmm, off to make diner. (Running late...stupid blizzard...)

This should be fun.

At any rate, I'll probably start posting some fic here sometime this week after I finish recovering the computer (gives it a swift kick) and send out the bazillion emails I owe to a bazillion people.


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