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I wonder about Google...

I'm trolling the Internet to double-check information about bacteria that wants to kill you, but this particular piece of information is a little on the esoteric, hard-to-find, there-are-a-billion-other-things-that-use-the-same-phrase side.

Anyway, while searching using Google, I come across this bizarre link.

I'm staring at it because I can't believe Google tucked this result in there. It makes no fucking sense for something like this to pop up when you're looking for information about killer bacteria.

It's a random posting on the message board that was published March 29, 2003. This post by a "DonutDon1228" was referencing a Forever Knight fanfic I wrote some 10 years ago (1994). He was recc'ing it to someone looking for Forever Knight stories that had vampire cop Nick (thick-as-a-brick-but-we-lurve-him-anyway) Knight dealing the his Roman Catholicism.

The thing that blew me away about the recommendation was this: "It's old (1994), extremely short, and for some reason has stuck in my memory for 8 years."

I mean, wow. Just wow. I don't know what to say to that.

So, DonutDon1228 who posts on the board? Wherever you are out there, thank you. You just made my day. You just made my week.

The reason why I never make reference to this story in any list I generate of fanfiction I've written is because I accidently posted this piece under my RL name. It wasn't the only thing I posted under my RL name on the old Forever Knight Listserv. I think my RL name also shows up in one or both of the Forever Knight Annual "Wars" I participated in back in the day. I think at the time I was still vascillating between using my RL name and my online penname of Lizbeth Marcs and hadn't made up my mind.

Actually, what made it up for me is during that same time period, I had a minor case of online stalking. Luckily for me, the stalker wasn't that skilled and the technology wasn't that advanced (it was mostly harrassing emails and IM messages). I've since become much more cautious and have cheerfully stayed behind "Lizbeth Marcs" for 10 years running. If I ever get around to writing original fiction (looking more and more likely I think), Lizbeth Marcs is sticking with me since, really, she's the one that's had all the practice writing fanfiction. I'm just the chick who writes the stuff that pays the bills.

Anyway, as a result of my slight scare waaaaaaay back in 1994, I've distanced myself from that one Forever Knight story (the only fanfiction ever) published under my RL name.

Still, incidents like this make me really wonder about Google. Granted, this link was something like 6 or 7 pages in, but as god as my witness, I have no idea why it would come up in a medical information search. Seriously.

I now wish I remembered what phase I used. I know there were wildcards and random use of quotes to indicate a phrase...why can't I reproduce the results?

Just, weeeeeeeird. In a happy, strange way, but stil weeeeeeeeeird.

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