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And then there was 6: New Hampshire to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By the End of Today

While no one was looking the New Hampshire state legislature just passed its same-sex marriage bill.

Based on the Governor John Lynch's statements that he'd sign it into law if the legislature includes (completely unnecessary, IMHO) "religious protections compromise clause" in the bill, it appears that New Hampshire will be joining the "gay marriage is legal" club.

Read that again: New Hampshire, which was a Redder-than-Thou state when I lived there, is going to make gay marriage legal by the end of today.

Excuse me...but I think I've got something in my eye.

It appears I'll have to stop spitting on the ground and laying my traditional curse on the state every time I cross the border going into New Hampshire. This fact makes me strangely happy.

You know what this means, right? It's time to start making fun of Rhode Island until they legalize same-sex marriage.

C'mon Rhode Island! I loved living in your state and I actually miss living there. Sign on to the New England Compact to Make Heads Go 'Splody before I have to boycott spending money in your lovely state.

So this makes 5 New England states, plus Iowa.

Y'know, if I was going to play "guess which states will be leading the charge on marriage equality" before the avalanche started, I can pretty much guarantee that Iowa, Connecticut, Maine, and New-fucking-Hampshire would NOT have been anywhere near the top 5.

And yet, there they are.

*hugs my corner of the US*

You know what this means, right? More than 10% of all U.S. states recognize same-sex marriage on a equal basis with male-female marriage.


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