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This...Explains a Lot, Actually

Now I've got something to blame for the strange that is moi.


I've been reliably informed by my mother that my first TV crush was Jimmy from H.R. Pufnstuf, which is pictured below.

How she could tell this, I simply don't know since I was pre-verbal when it ran on Boston television (it had to be re-runs because the initial run was during my pre-pre-verbal days).

As you can see, the above picture explains sooooooo much about twistedness of kids in the 70s.

And just about the entire collection of pictures showing off whacked-out children's shows explains sooooooo much about me.

(Oh my God! Sigmund and the Sea Monsters! I loved that show! It's about Sigmund, this baby sea monster, who runs away from his family and hides in this kid's tree house! And then they become friends! And have wacky adventures written by writers who were clearly high on green leafy things!)

Of course, everything after Pee-Wee Herman is pretty much a mystery to me, but you simply cannot match the utter pointless weird, zero educational content that was 70s children television. I mean, some you thought you had it bad with the Great Purple One...

I'm disappointed that Electra Woman and Dyna Girl didn't make the list, though. That was some serious WtF?!? right there.

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