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My First YouTube Video: Puffins and Razorbills

I did it!

I test-run posting a video from our puffin safari at Machias Seal Island up on YouTube and it worked!

Just an FYI: Machias Seal Island, aka the island where the Canadians keep the lighthouse manned because both the U.S. and Canada claim it as theirs and the Canadians know that the Yanks will be there with the Stars and Stripes the second their lighthouse keeper leaves, is home to no less than three alcid or auk species of birds.

The video not only shows you the Atlantic puffins, but also the more penguin-looking razorbils. The third colony on the island are murres, but they hang out down by the water and I only got a still picture of one with bridal markings hanging out with the rest of the auks.

According to the intrepid Captain Andy (Bold Coast Tours out of Cutler, Maine, for those who are interested), the alcids are pretty much the northern hemisphere's answer to penguins (there are no penguins in the northern hemisphere, which I knew). The Machias Seal Island colonies number as roughly 800 murres, 1,200 razorbills, and a couple of thousand puffins.

Just some notes here: my brother and I were sharing a blind with a couple of ladies, so the flemmy male voice you hear is my poor, sick brother who had vowed to go to the island dead if necessary (at the time he didn't know that he had H1N1). The "mooing" noise and the chainsaw like noise you hear is actually a combination of the razorbills and the puffins making their typical bird sounds (musical they are not). Also, you'll hear some high-pitched cheeping. Those are the unseen puffin chicks in their rocky burrows (you'll see one puffin standing guard in front of one of them in the video).

Finally, I don't know if you can hear it in the video, but the incessant thumping noise you hear is the sound of puffins landing like sacks of wet cement on the roof of our blind.

Video and audio was captured by my trusty Canon.

Now I have to get back to writing my Remix. Oi. I think I bit off more than I can chew. Again.

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