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No Wonder Why I Feel Like I Have Cabin Fever...

According to this graphic from today's Boston Globe, for half the month of June there was no sunlight at all, and almost every day was colder than normal for June.

Graphic ran July 1, 2009, in the Boston Globe

It's been thundering and lightening all day. All of my coworkers are snapping at each other. I'm making jokes about bring in my SAD treatment light so we can all get some beneficial light. Everyone is still wearing their winter-spring-fall clothes. No one has installed their air conditioners, either.

And if one more person goes, "So much for global warming! Hur! Hur! Hur!" I'm a-gonna smack them.

It's global climate change, you lunatics. Much as you don't want to hear it, a frigid June and a summer where there ain't actually a summer, fits the pattern.

I'll be over here getting unnecessarily irritated. Because of cabin fever. Which people in these parts get during the month of February. They do not and should not be getting cabin fever in June.


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