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I gotchyer "October Surprise" right over here

Juan Cole has the most balanced take on the case of the purloined 380 tons of high-grade explosives in Iraq.

Joshua Micah has the most extensive take on it since he started non-stop blogging on this last night, although he is far harder on the Bush Administration than most of the news this a.m.

October surprise indeed!

'Cept I'm pretty sure that this is not what Rove was thinking.

If you've been near the news at all today, you know that 380 tons of HMX and RDX went missing during the looting right after U.S. troops entered the country.

What makes it really infuriating is that these explosives were under the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) seal (basically the U.N. inspectors who were tracking Saddam's weapons and nuclear ability). Ergo, the U.N. knew about it. The U.S. knew about it. Other countries made sure to tell our country to make sure we kept these IAEA stashes secure before we marched into Iraq.

However, as it's become increasingly clear, the Bush Administration does not live in a reality-based world. We were too fucking busy being greeted with flowers and chocolates by the natives that someone "forgot" to do this. The U.N. asks us to do one goddamn thing (actually, they asked us to do two things: don't invade; if you insist on invading, keep on eye on this stuff) and U.S. chain of command fucks it up.

So, while we were guarding the oil fields from getting all blowed up, someone failed to put a guard on stockpiles of high-grade explosives that we knew about.

These same explosives are now being used to blow up American troops.

And we're supposed to trust Rumsfeld and his boss Bush to protect us from terrorists when they can't stop looters from taking 380 tons of high grade explosives that the government knew about before we marched into Iraq and was under U.N. seal before we even stepped foot in the country?


Remember when, during the debates, John Kerry accused George Bush of putting more emphasis on guarding the oil fields instead of the ammo dumps? Remember how he said the materials were left unguarded and had been looted? Remember how he said these same weapons were now being turned on American troops?

You do remember, right?

He accused Bush of this in at least the first and third debates. I'm not 100% certain that Kerry did it in the second debate.

Don't make me go all C-Span linkage on your ass.

Suddenly all that nattering about who was more "presidential" on screen looks incredibly stupid. And this "Mary Cheney, Mary Cheney" bullshit is enough to grind your teeth.

You'd think our "liberal media" would've fact checked this point and, if they found it to be true, would've reported it. Somewhere.

But no. Kerry's statement about "guarding the oil fields and not the weapons depots" wasn't debunked (at least as far as I know), but no one in our media decided to start digging.

(ETA: I stand corrected: CNN did run a stroy about the IAEA warning that "nuclear materials" were missing, but did not have any explicit details, certainly not the level we're getting now.)

The only reason why this story has hit the press is because the Nelson Report blew the story open and it was picked up by The New York Times.

This story was all over NPR this morning. (Story not up on site yet.)

Depending on who you read, the Bush Administration either:

  • Unofficially knew about this for a year and has been covering it up; but the constant insurgent attacks on U.S. troops and Iraqi government forces working with the U.S. troops using car bombs and suicide bombers where HMX and RDX are an ingredient has forced the Iraqi Provisional Government to report the theft earlier this month to the IAEA (read: the U.N.), thereby forcing the issue into the light of day

  • Is a Keystone Cops outfit where everybody knew that protecting the oil feilds was important but someone in the chain of command failed to realize that maybe, just maybe we should be guarding the high-yield explosives that the U.N. fucking told us was there before we invaded

Either way, this does not make the Bush Administration look good. And why the fuck does Rumsfeld still have his goddamn job? He better thank his lucky stars that he's got the boss he does because if he was in the private sector he'd be driven into the streets and whipped like a dog.

Sorry for the rant but I'm positively enraged about this.

How the fuck can anyone even think of pulling the lever for Bush? I mean, how? How much more fucking proof do you need that the Bush Administration has bent the military over a table and fucked it up the ass? How much more fucking proof do you need that these people are screwing the citizenery for some neocon-fuckwit agenda that makes no good goddamn sense to those of us who live in the reality-based community?

Are you fucking blind? Or are you constantly stoned? Or are you just terminally stupid?

If I've insulted you for voting for Bush? Tough shit.

Read the links and weep, baby.

This is the Bush Administration I've seen for two goddamn years, but I've been a polite little girl and have not put down anyone's right to support GeeDubbya, the U.S.'s first seriously retarded president. (And I'm insulting all developmentally challenged people the world over by calling him that.)

That ends. Right fucking now.

I want this man fired. Then I want to see his entire Administration hauled before one of those secret military tribunals they so fucking love and tried for high treason.

Makes me fear for November 3, because, no matter who wins, something tells me the streets are gonig to run red with blood as the poison of the past four years finally explodes out into the open and takes down GeeDubbya and all his puppetmasters in a flood of filth.

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