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Creating Our Own Television Schedule

I've just had a goofy idea:

You know how there are a ton of cool television shows that you've never watched but are now available DVD? Or via Hulu? Or via streaming through Netflix?

And you know how you want to watch them (or even re-watch them), but it's no fun unless you've got someone to squee with/debate with/argue with?

And you know how there's a lot of crap on television? As in, "I've got 185 channels and there's nothing on."

Well...what if we could put together a kind of television schedule of those shows you'd like to try, but haven't got around to trying? Or how about there are some shows you'd like to re-watch and see how the newbies react?

I think the ground rules should be the following:

  • It cannot be a show that's currently running (i.e., it's been canceled, so no Supernatural and no Smallville, for example, because those shows are still on the air)

  • It has to be a show that is relatively easily available (i.e., Netflix, Hulu, On-Demand, etc.)

  • "Programming" is one show per weeknight (i.e., Monday through Friday), with each night a different genre.

  • No one is under any obligation to watch all 5 nights of "programming" (i.e., if a show is not to your taste, no one's going to make you watch it)

  • "Programming" will be done by voting on the 5 shows that get picked

  • Creation of a community to house the discussion (with the possibility of getting other mods to oversee each day of "programming")

Obviously the idea needs to be fleshed out, and I suspect that the TV shows up for vote may be heavily based on "what's in Liz's DVD collection/Netflix Instant Watch Que" at least for this first go-round.

A "season" would run for exactly as long as a season on the DVD. Then the group could vote whether to continue on to the next season in the series — although this may need refining because I could just see wank if the the "regular watchers" of a series all wanted to move on to the next season, but got outvoted by people who never watched the series and want to replace the show with something else.


Would you be interested in "fandom programming" starting this fall?

Yes! Sign me up!
I don't know. Depends on the programming.
What the hell is wrong with you?

Would you be interested in modding a night of programming?

Yes! Sign me up!
I don't know. Depends on the programming.
I said no, damn it!

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