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Chris Daughtry and Lady Gaga Do Acoustic "Poker Face"

I admit it. I rather like Lady Gaga's performance artist pop-tart thing that she's doing. There's something vaguely Bowie-esque about it, only with more of a sense of humor and less with the "I am an artiste!" 'tude of Bowie's that used to get up my nose.

I also think she's a better pop lyricist ("Poker Face" was written in collaboration with producer Red One) than people give her credit for.

Below is Chris Daughtry doing a live acoustic version of "Poker Face" that really is quite good. Okay, there are pronoun changes (which I find irritating) and I'm sad to report that the line "bluffin' with my muffin" does not get sung (really, really sad since the line makes me giggle like a loon). But otherwise, quite captivating really.

If anyone wants to know how deeply uncool I am, I had no idea Chris Daughtry was a failed American Idol contestant, despite the fact I actually have a copy of the band's CD somewhere kicking around on a hard drive.

(Just as an aside: A failed AI contestant? Seriously? For fuck's sake. Who the hell beat him? Someone actually talented, I hope. Although if I were a betting woman, I'd bet it was someone less talented with a little more pretty. And this, in a nutshell, is why AI irritates me and why I don't watch it.)

ETA: Per atlantisgrrrl, who said I really needed to post the actual Lady Gaga doing a vaguely torch-y acoustic version of "Poker Face." I really do dig this version.


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