liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

Oh, look. A new tool for stalkers!

Oh. Fuck. No.

I can understand having this feature available to people who are being harassed by stalkers and bullies, but making it open and general to every little monkey on the Internet? If you want to talk about a tool that stalkers and bullies can use, here it is!

Fuck. No.

JUST FYI to my FList: The default on this new feature is that all visitors to your LJ will be visible and that you will be visible to all every LJ and community you visit when you visit them, even if you don't comment.

If you want to remain "anonymous" while flitting around various journals and communities on ElJay, you have to click the "DO NOT WANT" option.

Here's the post about this new 'My Guests' feature on ElJay.

entrenous88 has better reading comprehension that I do. The post says that the option default is off. I jumped the gun on that because when I went to my privacy page to shut the option down, the radial button was on "YES DO WANT" option.

In either case, I've opted out of the system. I do reserve the right to opt-in should I get hit with trolls or stalkers, but short of having actual problems, this ElJay won't be tracking visitors.

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