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Tweeting American History: John Quincy Adams

Per the Boston Globe today, the Massachusetts Historical Society will be translating President John Quincy Adam's diary entries into Tweets. The project started Monday.

And what may have inspired this madness, you may ask?

As it turns out, J.Q. Adams's diary entries look exactly like Tweets, often coming in at less than Twitter's 140-character limit.

The subject matter is also about what you'd expect to find in a Tweet, too.

In short, if our sixth president were alive today, his fingers would be glued to the Blackberry and it would be pointed permanently to Twitter

For those who are interested, click here to follow John Quincy Adams's Tweets.

The Massachusetts Historical Society (Motto: "We're second only to Virginia in the 'real American' sweepstakes, damn it! So stop saying we're not real Americans! We're looking at you all 48 Johnny-come-lately states!") describes the project in this blog post.

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