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Project: Time for a Little Truth, Baby

Inspired by the Canadians and Britons on my list valiantly trying to correct the lies being spoon-fed to the American public.

This is the explanatory post, if you will.

There are a lot of lies running around out there about Health Reform in the U.S., including painting other countries' health schemes as somehow "worse" than what we have in the U.S. (which is demonstrably not true), as well as the kind of people health reform would benefit vs. harm.

There's a lot that can be said about the proposals floating around out there, some good, some bad. But we'll never reach a solution if we're screaming at each other about it.

What we need is some truth. Facts, figures, and reality on the ground.

Who are the Americans who stand to gain from health reform? And is health care and health insurance in other western democracies really nothing more than bureaucratic factories o' death?

Since this is the Age of the Internet, maybe we should just ask the people who know these things.

So, all you peeps out there in Internet-land: I'm asking you to lay it your fellow netizens. What's it really like out there in the big, wide world?

I will be collecting comments in two posts:

Anonymous commenting will be allowed, open, and unscreened on these two posts only. I will not be responding to any comments, only monitoring to keep the bloodshed down to a minimum.

The idea is to share facts and figures, and to tell your story in a place where people can come and read everything for themselves.

Spread the link around far and wide. All are welcome to comment.

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