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Project: Time for a Little Truth, Baby

This information will make you cry (Americans Only: Uninsured and Underinsured.) As it turns out, even having insurance doesn't particularly help you if you become catastrophically ill.

This information will enrage Americans (Countries with Government Health Schemes: Talk About Your Health Insurance/Health Care Here, natch.) Why should it enrage Americans? Because I imagine there are a ton of Americans out there going, "Yes, yes. We want this. We don't care which one, just pick one!"

Also if there are any Canadians in da house, I've got a question that needs answering here.

Once again, please keep the stories for both posts coming, and please pass the links around far and wide so people can read for themselves about the screwed up system in the U.S., and the reality of health care in other countries.

The truth is out there, and as it turns out, this truth can be discovered by simply asking people for the truth. Viva l'Internet.

And in that vein:

If anyone in the U.S. happens to see a story filed by another American and you think you might know of a solution, or at least be able to point some people to aid and/or help for their situation, don't be shy and speak up. We've got some hurtin' people in there that sure could use a hand.

Comments for this post are closed. Please hit the links listed above to share your stories, facts, and figures.

And thank you everyone who's chosen to participate. A little light on the situation never hurt anyone.

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