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How did we come to this?

Go read about this from anniesj.

It's one of those things that make you go WtF? How the hell did we get here.

Truthfully, when I started reading I thought it was yet another story of the FBI intimidating someone over "loyalty pledges" when someone tried to gain entry to a GeeDubbya cult rally.

Imagine my shock when this was something even more frightening than that.

Imagine my second shock when I realized that I'm now viewing the idea of "loyalty pledges" just to see the Preznut aka "Our Glorious Leader" as par for the course when it comes to The Tinhat Administration.

God, I cannot wait for January 20th when we finally evict all these assholes.

One problem: I only wish we had some hint showing us that this long slide into the surveillance state was going to be reversed with the rise of a Donkey Administration.

Really, just when I think I'm being paranoid, something happens to show that I'm not nearly being paranoid enough.

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