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So much for that plan...

As it turns out, the my Congressman's Town Hall Meeting was listed incorrectly.

It was held August 6, not September 6.

Note to self: Next time, call and confirm with the congressman's office when you see a town hall meeting scheduled for him.

On the upside, there were a couple of us who showed up. On the downside, the nice people in the temple were mighty confused about why we all had the wrong date for the meeting.

So, there was no LULZ, nor anything else to report.


I suppose I could go to Rep. Barney Frank's next town hall meeting since he represents the congressional district next door to me. The LULZ will certainly be in full force there if only because it's Barney Frank that's involved. That's not even taking into account that Frank is nothing if not entertaining.

However, Frank's already voting the way I want (as is my congressman, to be honest), so I guess my attendance will depend heavily on whether work is continuing to beat my ass.

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