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I hate flu shots...

I got the flu shot yesterday morning (for the regular flu, not the H1N1 since that won't be out until October), and I remember why I haven't gotten one in several years.

I always get flu-like symptoms when I do because my immune system always goes batshit bananas when DA FLU (even a weakened version that's used in vaccinations) breaks through the defenses.

Me and vaccines have never got on. It's's the vaccination (for any disease, really) and there's my immune system going, "KILL KILL KILL KILL!" And then there's me going, "Siiiiiick."

But this...usually I'm down for the count for a few hours and then fine. It's a day later and I still feel like I'm on the verge of getting the full-blown flu.

I'm going back to bed. I feel like holy hell still.

I'm not even sure this post makes a lick of sense. I just felt like whining.

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