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That was fast...Health Reform-Related Spam Bot Just Banned


I believe that reypolyo is an anti-health care reform spam-bot, which comes armed with its own link to Blue Cross Blue Shield.

I have banned reypolyo from commenting and have reported it as a potential spam bot. Please keep on the look-out for the little bastard and report it if you see it.

If I am in error, please let me know.

FYI 2:

Yes, yes. I've seen the big hoo-hah about paid accounts/permanent accounts being able to earn a little extra pin money for allowing GoogleSense ads on their LJ.

I, personally, am *meh* about it (Firefox/AdBlockPlus/ScriptBlock means I see nothing I don't wanna see, including ads). As I have a decent job with decent pay, I will not be putting ads on this ElJay. However, I'm not going to begrudge people on my FList from doing so, especially if they're financially hurting and unemployed desperately looking for income streams.

That said, I also reserve the right to reverse myself about allowing ads here if I do find myself in the unemployment line. I promise to warn first if I do such a thing.

FYI 3:

I tentatively started allowing screened Anon Comments a few weeks ago (where I get final approval on whether anyone will see said comment). I've decided to continue allow screened anonymous comments.

Abuse it, and I will shut it down again so fast it'll make your head spin.

FYI 4:

September is so fired. Between a piled high desk at work, and the constant trickle of money going to the dentist, the mechanic, and other necessary but expensive items, I'm ready to start whamming my head against the closest brick wall.

I just *love* watching my savings account amount drop by about half. Jesus.

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