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Because Kevin Smith and Neil Gaimen Don't Suck...

We've all seen the list of celebutards who think Roman Polanski should be let off the hook. Some of those names took us by surprise (and certainly pissed me off).

To make you feel better, via my FList this morning, a list of famous people who want Roman Polanski to pay his debt to society.

Although some of those names are a surprise (as in "I'm surprised they said anything at all rather than keeping silent") it warms the cockles of my to see director Kevin Smith was one of the first to call bullshit, which actually not a surprise if you're at all familiar with his movies. And how happy does it make me that Neil Gaimen is on that list?

Celebrity names are going to be added to the "good list" all day. If you see a celebrity tweeting or blogging that Roman Polanski should pay his debt, go here.

While the whole Polanski thing is infuriating, it's so rare to see the assholes admit to their assholery that it's kind of nice in a twisted way. I call it, "A list of people that I'd cheerfully push in front of a speeding bus if I ever had the chance."

Also, SF&F author Jim C. Hines jimhines has some good thoughts on the whole business here. (The facepalm icon is especially appropriate.)

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