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I think just about everyone and their brother knows that my fanfiction brain has been on a bit of the blink.

Okay, okay, there was Reaping the Whirlwind for the Remix this year...a fic I still haven't managed to finish transferring to this ElJay and I still haven't finished responding to all the comments on it both here and on the remix community.

Anyway, I was cleaning my apartment this weekend after five months' of neglect (I still haven't gotten to my bedroom, but my office, bathroom, kitchen, and living room are ♥ spotless ♥), and I come across a burned hardcopy of my soundtrack to Living History tucked in some odd corner.

You have to understand how excited I was to find it. I thought the entire thing had been lost when a computer motherboard crapped out on me several years ago and forced me to buy my current computer tower. Yet, here was a hardcopy of that same soundtrack. Clearly it was meant to be a gift for someone because it had been burned to my "gift CDs", which are designed to look like 45s.

Somehow these CDs got lost or overlooked, and here was that same soundtrack, complete with tracks that I thought were pretty much gone forever, right in my hand.

I did a little jig when I put the CDs in the player (it's a two-CD set) and...

While the music was playing this plot bunny for a Xander-centric, post-apocalypse story drops right into my head. Mid-size story (not a short story, but definitely not as long as Reaping the Whirlwind), so infinitely do-able.

(Of course, it would be a hell of a lot more helpful if the bunny could help with some additional material for the WiPs, or help fix the stories that are finished but the endings are such messes that I simply refuse to post them until they're fixed — for that last one I'm looking at you "Last Tin Soldier.")

While I'm thinking, "What the hell? Maybe just picking at this will inspire you to deal with all the other stories you've left to rot," I snap on the computer and began picking away at bits and pieces of of this post-apocalypse story idea. I still have to work out some of the rules how this post-apocalyptic world works, as well as a few other things, but I think it's workable.

I'm not an apocalyptic writer in general — although I'd say Ishmael Sings of the White Whale comes fairly close, there are no actual apocalypses involved in that one — I'm finding myself really, really drawn to this idea. I think the premise is fairly unusual, and I'm kind of enjoying making up the new slang words Xander's using. Plus his traveling buddy is...different.

Do I have to tell you that the story's gen? Do I? If so? It's gen.

Anyway, I couldn't figure out there this mania to write an apocalypse story has been coming from. This, as I open my FList this morning, I see some chatter about apocabigbang.

*smacks self on forehead*

I suspect that I had been seeing people on my FList chattering about this fic-a-thon, but due to my horrendously busy schedule I hadn't been paying it that much attention. Obviously the whole thing lodged in the back my brain and, possibly triggered by listening to my Living History soundtrack, the idea for this story just fell from the sky and landed in my brain.

So, I've signed up. (*deep breath*) The first draft isn't due until February. I'm very, very sure I can make this deadline, even if the bunny fairy finally does something about my WiPs.

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