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Pachelbel is Truly the Father of Pop Music

And despite my debilitating cold (held in check by the magic that is Robitussin gel caps — even more awesome than liquid form!), I crawled onto YouTube to check something out recommended by kurukami.

I didn't get to the video (sorry!) because, as befitting my somewhat whacked out brain (due to cold and Robitussin), I got distracted by shiny!

I learned something new. See, it appears that Pachelbel is the most played composer in the world and the Father of All Pop Music.

How did I reach this conclusion you ask?

Please meet the Axis of Awesome and their song "4 Chords", which they contend is the basis of all pop hits.

First, let's start with them singing it live (it also appears to be a more up-to-date version than the one they recorded).

Wheeee! That was fun. Now here's a fan-made video of the recorded version of "4 Chords", except it comes with an "answer key" of artists and songs.

So, who is the genius that discovered that golden progression? Who is this giant among men that delivered it unto our ears first?

The answer, according to comedian Rob Paravonian, is Johann Pachelbel.

It goes without saying that Paravonian is not happy about this state of affairs one bit. He even has a very, very funny rant about it.

Which you can watch here...

And so, I have spread a little knowledge today.

There are days when the Internet is simply Good.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to crawl under my comforter and sleep for a year.

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