liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

The World Sucketh the Big Weenie

Faced with another 12-hour day (work sucks).

Also, Maine sucks, too, although the vote was close. I'd write a huge rant about how much putting other people's civil rights to the popular vote is simply evil, but see my first sentence (work sucks).

However, all you bigots in Maine, I'd like to leave you with this factoid: After 5-years of equal marriage (as in, any two adults can get married to each other regardless of sex, sexual identity, ethnicity, and creed), Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in the nation.

What's our divorce rate? Why 2.3 marriages per 1,000 end in divorce here in the Bay State, which is what the U.S. divorce rate was in 1940.

I think this is the point where I raise my middle finger at Maine voters who voted YES on 1 and tell them: "You've been lied to, motherfuckers. Plus, you're evil for fucking over your fellow citizens."

Dear GLBT people: Massachusetts still loves you. So does Connecticut. And Vermont. And New Hampshire (for Christ's sake, New Hampshire.) And Iowa. Please come. Bring the spouse. And your tourist dollars.

Hunh. I guess I had time to make a little rant about Maine.

On the fandom front: V was kind of boring. And of course the black guy, who was one of two visible ethnic minorities in the cast (and that includes extras), was a good alien who's gone native.

I think I fell off my couch laughing when I looked at the "inner city church" that was showcased in V and noticed that it was very, very white. Ummm, bwah? I mean, a Catholic church in a major urban area and not one Latino (at the very least) is in the parish? Seriously? That's a major FAIL right there.

Plus, again, the action takes place in NYC. In the world of TVLand, NYC apparently has a total of 2 black people (seriously white cast with seriously white extras to the point of distracting), one of whom is really an alien. *facepalm* FAIL!

I know it seems like a small thing to be bugged about, but it really, really bugged the shit out of me through the entire episode. NYC, people! Can we try to get a little more "color" in the cast? Please? To make it look like it actually takes place in 21st Century NYC as opposed to TVLand NYC? Pretty please?


Although V bored me, I'm going to give it a couple of episodes before deciding whether or not to wipe it from my DVR. To be honest, it's not looking good for V, especially since the DVR is about to get eaten alive by Hitchcock movies.

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