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They've Decided to Call Him "Hooter"

I don't know why this article from the Boston Globe cracked me up so much.

I think it's the picture (see below).

Apparently a juvenile barred owl has decided to move in at Faneuil Hall, which is basically tourist trap/city government/lots of businesses in tall buildings central (not to mention a historical landmark).

Anyway, it appears that "Hooter" (at least that's what most of the locals have taken to calling him) decided to oversee the folks putting up the Faneuil Hall tree by sitting in the tree and watching people while they decorate it.

*falls over laughing*

Oh, wildlife. You never cease to amuse.

Fun fact I did not know but learned from the article: Logan Airport apparently has some snowy owls living there. Hunh.

Now, a hilarious picture of "Hooter" supervising the tree decorating.

Photo by James Egan as published in the Boston Globe

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