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When Lady Gaga was Stefani Germanotta

Or rather, Stafani Germanotta before she created her Lady Gaga persona.

And, ZOMG! The original songs she's performing are fantastic. The first is gorgeously torch-y and quite beautiful. The second is a bit more pop-ier, but in a girl-and-her piano kin of way.

And neither one would never, ever get within a million miles of a Lady Gaga album.

So, if you Flove Lady Gaga (like moi who really, really digs pop tart diva performance art) you have to see this.

If you hate Lady Gaga, but love classic-sounding love torch songs, you really have got to to see this.

Plus, you get to see what Lady Gaga really looks like without the stage props.

Yup. That's why I'm a fan. The woman's got actual talent. Plus, I actually get the sense (as someone on my FList pointed out) that she does have control over her own image and agency in how she choose to present herself.

Oh, and for the hell of it, Lady Gaga's performance from the America Music Awards last night (a melody of a pre-recorded version of Bad Romance and a live performance of Speechless) is under the cut.


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