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Make Sure You're Counted...Pt. 2

via The Daily Kos, which, regardless of what teh Evol Tom DeLay would like you to believe, does not raise money for fighters against the U.S. in Iraq (unless "Democrats" are now "enemy fighters"):

They're getting desperate people, as this Republican National Committee Bush-Cheney Campaign flyer featuring the burning World Trade Center illustrates. Remember when GeeDubbya promised he wouldn't campaign on a 3,000-person grave? I guess that promise is only good when the reality-based world isn't kicking you in the ass.

Important Phone Number Update
The Election Protection Hotlines are standing by if you run into problems voting on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

To report problems, call: 1-866-MYVOTE1

For immediate legal assistance if you run into problems casting your vote, call: 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683)

MoveOn Dot Org also has a very handy Election Protection Card that you can download and print. It includes the above numbers as well as state-wide Democratic National Committee numbers if you find yourself stuck at the polls on Tuesday.

Remember: the reports of continuous, active Republican-run voter suppression efforts out of Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, as well as other other swings states are very real and have been covered extensively in the local press in those areas.

While I don't expect any problems voting (Massachusetts is already going True Blue), some of you in swing states may run into problems or may witness problems at the polls. Now's the time to be vigilant.

I cannot stress enough how important this election is. We need to go out and bitch-slap GeeDubbya with the Sea of Blue from sea to shining sea and repudiate, once and for all, the Thief-in-Chief and the I didn't do it administration.

However, if anyone thinks that Nov. 2 is the end of it, think again. It's only going to get incredibly ugly for the 109th Congress, and that's no matter who wins Nov. 2.

Read the following only if you feel like getting into crash positions:

Washington Monthly ponders the lack of civility in Washington and just how it got this bad.

The American Prospect thinks it's only going to get worse.

The Texas Observer actually suggests that President Kerry chop off all their heads and let God sort them out. Since this is from Bush's backyard, I'm thinking he should pay attention to the advice.

Remember people: Baby steps. Let's get through Nov. 2 first.

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