liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,


Dear Co-Workers,

When you ask me to do something after I go home for the day/while I'm eating lunch/in a client meeting/meeting with another co-worker, you are not going to get an answer right away.

I know you are all Very Speshul Snowflakes, and I Love You All Equally.

However, you are not the only Very Speshul Snowflake in my life. Please take a look around our comfy little company and see All the Other Very Speshul Snowflakes that are also in my life.

So before asking me, "Y U not dun yet w/ that thing?" Please check the company calendar that tracks my movements during every waking second of my day and make note if I'm with one of the Other Very Speshul Snowflakes that Are Not You.

Thank you muchly.

Yr Loving Co-Worker,


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