liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

Have I mentioned that geese are also evil?

I may have mentioned in the recent past that swans are teh ev0l.

I hope I have mentioned that barnyard geese can be equally evil.

Behold! Pro-kayak angler Drew Gregory will now demonstrate just how evil barnyard geese can be. (Yes, I laugh at other people's pain. Why do you ask?)

I can hear you out there. At some point after the laughter, you're going to say, "Hey! She hasn't posted crap in a month and when she does she posts a video of a pro-kayak angler getting his ass kicked by a goose.

Well, I've been busy doing the following:

  • Going to the gym and doing Wii FitPlus

  • Writing my story for the apocabigbang

  • Watching by Adventures of Brisco County Jr. DVDs because I desperately need to shut off my post-work brain a little bit

  • Zooming around in lurker mode on ElJay

Which means that I have not written or posted the following:

  • Doing my cardio at the gym while barefoot. And how you can do it, too!

  • A Review of the Awesomely, Hilariously Snarkalicious Wii FitPlus (And why people with body dysmorphic disorders should probably stay the hell away...)

  • Do Not Call Italians "Guidos" If You Want to Live (and Other Reasons Why the Cast of Jersey Shore Needs to Die) — Rumor has it there's a new season and that they're coming to Revere. Much as I hate that show, hate that cast, and hate the fact that they made ethnic slurs against Italians "cool", I'm almost hoping this will happen. Because the first "Guido" that comes out of these chuckleheads' mouths will end in the locals getting together to set fire to whatever house they're living in while they're still in it. I'll volunteer to bring the makings for s'mores when that happens. Low class, meathead motherfuckers.

  • Pointing Out the Obvious: If I'm Posting My Thinky Thots in My Own Journal, I'm Not Derailing You in Yours (I would think obvious post would be pretty damn obvious, but not so! Apparently. There are now rules about when you can post your own thinky thots in your own journal without being accused of doing something or other or being something or other, even if you innocently did it wholly unaware that you were supposed to wait a little while before posting your thinky thots. Or better, not posted your thinky thots at all! Even if you weren't aware that you weren't supposed to be thinking thinky thots! Say what? Does someone have a Xeroxed handout or something? Because these rules look really, really wrong to me.)

Why have I not written the above? As you may have noticed, lack of time, busy at work, busy with a fanfic, and I really don't feel like dealing with overwhelming wank about what I am and am not allowed to write in my own damn journal any time I damn well feel like it or why it is not fucking okay to call Italians guidos.

Now that I've mentioned it, I'm sure there'll be wank anyway. Which I'm going to ignore. Because I can.

Look, before you wank, just watch the evil goose attack the fishing kayaker again, okay? It'll help with your (and my) blood pressure to know that we can agree that the video above is just some funny shit.

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