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Jesus Christ. Caught Plagiarizing. Again.

How many of you out there remember Ozmandayus, the Buffy/Xander and sometime Faith/Xander writer who got caught plagiarizing from fics in the X-Files to write his smut? He was also caught doing the same in Smallville, Dark Angel, and Power Rangers fandoms.

Remember how he apologized, dropped off the radar for a while, changed his name to Shawn, and re-entered with a note of apology and promises that he'll never do it again?

Guess what. He's done it again.

Same fandom. Same pairings.

I missed the initial post about this on stop_plagiarism, but caught today's follow-up post about it.

Worst of all, the specific instance of plagiarism was found in a story in the I Need a Parrot Archive.

Rest assured, I've pinged whiskyinmind about it. It appears I still have my Modly Powers still active on INAP, but as I've been really, really, really remiss about performing my duties over there for at least 6 months, and since whiskyinmind actually owns the archive, I'm letting her make the call.

[Please note: I JUST pinged whiskyinmind on this about 5 minutes ago, and she has limited access to a computer. It may take up to a week for this issue with Shawn to get resolved. I guarantee that the offending story is gone for sure.]whiskyinmind agreed with me and had me nuke his INAP account. See below for more details.

If it were up to me, I'd nuke all of his stories from the archive, rather than just the offending one where he was caught with his fingers in the plagiarism pie. (Again. Jesus Christ!)

To give him credit, it appears that he's raiding non-fandom original fic stories posted on the net, rather than other fandom stories. That's a marginally smarter way to go about it. I guess.

As for why I'm so completely pissed off about the whole deal (as opposed to my more than usual pissy responses to such things) is that I've been wrestling my apocabigbang for months. Not weeks. Months. And it's been like pulling teeth from a grizzly bear while it's trying to eat me.

Needless to say, this news about Ozmandays/Shawn pulling the same ol' bullshit these many years later after already being caught once does not make my day.

And here I was going to post good news to my ElJay about fic award nominations and such, but I think I'd rather save it until tomorrow when I'm slightly less livid about this.

He did it again.

Jesus Christ.

P.S. — Revenge of the Pissed off INAP Mods: Per whiskyinmind's orders, I have nuked every single one of Shawn's stories off of INAP, locked his account, and sent him the following email explaining our reasons. As for permabanning him, I'm not sure how to do that, so I'm leaving that for whiskyinmind to work her computer magic on.

Please note: There is no appeal for this decision.

Note to Shawn under the cut explaining the reasons why he's no longer welcome on INAP:

The email to ShawnCollapse )

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