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Pre-election interesting reads....

Maybe we should let the Iraqis vote in U.S. Elections on Nov. 2...

This Is Rumor Control, which blogs the U.S. as it relates to the International Community, especially the Islamic World, has an interesting round-up of Iraqi bloggers on the U.S. Presidential election.

In some ways, this makes a lot of sense, since they're going to be as impacted as any other American citizen by the next occupant in the White House. What makes it fascinating is that, they even sound like us on both sides of the Bush-Kerry divide, and that is both frightening and comforting in equal measure.

As Rumor Control blogger Parker notes:

Reading through the various blogposts supposedly coming out of Iraq felt a bit surreal, because they sounded so much like what many American bloggers have to say about the election and the candidates. Maybe I've been reading blogs for too long, and it's brought out my inner conspiracy-theorist, but I found myself wondering if any Iraqi blogs are actually written by Americans posing as Iraqis, as a means of creating the illusion of Iraqi support for or opposition to the occupation and U.S. policies. Maybe it's because those Iraqis who are blogging about our presidential election express sentiments nearly as strong as Americans who support either candidate.

Be prepared for Nov. 3

Just remember, there are gonna be dirty tricks galore on Nov. 2, especially in the swing states. Every day a new state seems to be added to the list and it's looking more and more like the Republicans are the ones involved in a nation-wide campaign to make voting as painful as possible.

The pattern can I put this...illuminating. Poor. African-Americans. First-time voters. College students. Elderly people registered Democrat. Even well-off white Democrats who've made the mistake of telling Republicans to go fuck themselves are all targets.

Voter 2004 Eriposite has been faithfully tracking voter suppression efforts nationwide and the list is frightening and astounding.

Read over the list. Be aware of what's going on. That guy taking pictures at your polling place is just trying to spook you. And the dude that's insisting you aren't on the voting rolls even though you damn well that you're registered is probably hanging his hat on the fact that your house number got left off your street address when your registration was entered in the computer. And if you get a flier or a phonecall telling you that your polling place has moved or that you've been purged from the voter rolls, call the local office that is responsible for overseeing elections and check. Once you know you're being scammed, report their ass and be ready to go before the cameras on Nov. 3 if this election gets stolen.

Can someone please tell me how the fuck it's all come to this?

Just because it's worth repeating...make sure you're counted tomorrow

  • Please download and carry the MoveOn Dot Org Election Protection Card. It comes with good advice and important numbers if you find yourself stymied at the polls.

  • Print up the Democratic National Committee voting rights list and bring it with you to the polls. If you get trouble, refer to the list.

  • Also, double-check on the location of your polling place. Check with My Polling Place Dot Com to find out where you're supposed to vote; call 1-866-OUR-VOTE; or contact you town, city, or county clerk.

  • Finally, even the Secretary of State in Massachusetts is getting in on the act. There was a radio announcement this morning reminding all voters to bring their driver's license and back-up forms of ID (bills mailed to your current address, additional photo ID, etc) to the polls tomorrow. Holy shit! We're not even a swing state. Interesting to note, even though Kerry already owns Massachusetts, the state is bracing for a turnout of approximately 4 million voters tomorrow. This is in a state with an total estimated population of 6.5 million. Holy pissed off voters, Batman!

Jesus' General drops his mask for an entry

I find the General hillarious, although I suspect his humor may make some people cringe. However, he dropped the satire earlier today for a single post called Make a Stand.

As in the case of all the General's writings, it is well-written, well-thought out, and (dare I say) actually patriotic. However, unlike all other General's ramblings, this entry is dead serious.

The link is worth clicking on if only to read through the Bill of Rights he includes in his post. That's worth fighting for, just in case anyone needs to be reminded.

And just because I'm feeling partisan today: A Few Words from George Soros

Give Mr. Soros his due. He puts his money where his mouth is. I know there are some people who think he should sit the hell down and shut up. Wonder if they'd like to say the same thing to Ahhhhhnold the California Strongman? No? Good for the goose, is all I'm sayin'.

Anyway, the estimable Mr. Soros has put out a final plea: Why We Must Not Re-elect President Bush.

At the risk of invoking Godwin's Law, I remember when Mr. Soros explained why he was pledging his entire fortune to defeat Bush. When someone who's survived Nazi and Communist dictatorships tells you that the Bush Administration is so seriously fucked up that it reminds him of his childhood in a not-good way? Maybe you should listen.

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