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Someone Clear This Up for Me... (BtVS Comic Book Spoilers)

I've been dying to ask this now since the BtVS comics spoilers about Twilight have come out, and now that they have, I'm asking...

Before certain BtVS 'shippers RAGE and cancel their subscripions, and other BtVS 'shippers get too happy about the sparkly flying sex I keep hearing so much about...

You do realize that Twilight is responsible for a lot of deaths, right? Spoilers under the cut...Collapse )

So, in short, it seems to me that given who Twilight is, he could've accomplished the exact same goal without killing lots and lots of people (Slayers, soldiers, Oz's wife...) by not wearing a mask and instead going with his real face.

Oh, yeah. Twilight and the Dude Under the Mask is a Douchenozzle, indeed.

Bah! I don't know why I'm even shocked by the crack-tastically crappy writing associated with BtVS any more.

*throws up hands*

Have I mentioned that I'm really, really happy that I don't buy the comic books? I've read them, but I don't buy them.

Pee. Ess. — No, I haven't read this issue yet, but based on the various LJ-based reactions, I'm kind of with some of the Spuffies on this: a certain segment of fandom just got hit with a very, very mean-spirited issue of the comic.

Although, I admit, I might change my mind if comics put a bullet in the brain of all ships, including the new on-going one in the comics (especially the new on-going one).

Because, honestly? I will bake Buffy and her creator a million cookies if in the end Buffy was single and too busy being awesome to bother with any romance at all.

Oh, and give Xander and Giles their own focused issues (I've long given up on either one of them getting anything resembling a story arc or character development) where they're not the butt-monkeys or assholes, you punks.
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