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TV Recommendation: Being Erica

Okay, okay. I've been remiss about mentioning that I got sucked into Being Erica (proof positive that Canadians use their inbred niceness for soul-sucking evil) on SOAPnet (proof positive that Americans are just batshit insane).

By the way, I have positively no clue why a show like "Being Erica" is on (of all things) the Disney/ABC-owned SOAPnet. It's a straight-up genre show. Think Quantum Leap meets My So-Called Life.

The series in a netshell: Erica Strange is a 31-year-old fuck-up. She somehow is recruited to go into therapy so she can overcome her problems by the mysterious Dr. Tom. One problem: it's not just any therapy. It's time-traveling therapy where Erica gets to reverse her regrets. As she works through her list, Erica's life slowly starts to improve. However, dark hints are starting to emerge that there's "a price" for this free and supernatural therapy, and it sounds like it's a heavy one.

Now, I don't know how it all started, as I came into the series three episodes into Season 2 completely by accident. I think I caught an ad for the show on another network (USA, I think), and it looked interesting enough for me to give it a try.

I've got to tell you that even after watching the episodes I have, I still can't tell you why "Being Erica" is on SOAPnet.

Cablenets that would also make a lot more sense than SOAPnet for "Being Erica":

  • USA Network, which I think could really, really, really use another television series with a female lead. Right now they've got exactly one: In Plain Sight. All of their other series, both original and purchased, have male leads. Seriously.

  • Lifetime Network. While Lifetime has oodles of female-led shows, wouldn't it be nice to have a Lifetime show where the female lead wasn't passively going through life, a victim, a soon-to-be victim, or any combination of the above? Yeah. It would be kind of nice to have a plucky, over-30 heroine who's taking an active role in improving herself on Lifetime, wouldn't it? (Whoops! Forgot they have Drop Dead Diva, but that's one show in a sea of Lifetime crap.)

  • SyFy. If SyFy wasn't so deluded into believing that only men 18-34 watch their network, "Being Erica" would probably be double-billed with Eureka. However, since SyFy seems to think that women avoid their network like it's herpes, I think the idea of ever seeing "Being Erica" or a show like it on this network is pretty much doomed.

In any case, I am *uncontrollably excited* (see icon) because I found out two things:

  • Rumor has it that the crack-dealing CBC has renewed "Being Erica" for a third season

  • Hulu is streaming the entire series on-line (U.S. Audiences only). This means I can actually watch all of Season 1 and the beginning bit of Season 2. Yay!

Yes, "Being Erica" is not terribly deep. It's a cute, fun show that frequently passes the Bechdel Test. It's got a relatable female character who not only actually takes an active role in improving her life, but is actually capable of learning from her mistakes. Not only that, she's over the age of 30. Sure, it's a soap-bubble of a genre show, but it's a show that makes me pretty damn happy in a goofy kind of way.

Definitely recommended.

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