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New on Science Blogs: Obesity Panacea

First, I have a confession to make:

I love Science Blogs and have been reading it for awhile, even though I only just added it to my list o' Links located to the left of this entry.

It's funny. The more I realize that I'm actually good at Life Sciences, the more I'm starting to invest my free time into reading it. Keep in mind, this is something that I would've laughed at 6 years ago...yes it's taken me that long to realize I'm good at some kind of science.

Oh, the damage a bad high school-level science education can cause. While my school was top flight when it came to the humanities, it sucked donkey dung when it came to the maths and sciences. My truly scientifically gifted classmates usually ended up going to the community colleges for their sciences and used the science classes the rest of us attended to take a nap on their desks. It was pretty sad.

And I haven't been just loving Science Blogs, I've also added ontd_science to my FList. I know the ohnotheydidnt mothership "brand" on LJ is viewed as a frivolous gossip site, but the sub-communities for politics, science, creepy stories, and other special interests are actually quite good aggregators of "what's hot" and includes informative posts with links to the source material and where the silliness is kept pretty much to a minimum.

Anyway, I've been recently reading over on Science Blogs a new addition to the blog family there called Obesity Panacea.

Now, what I love about it is that the authors, both PhDs in exercise physiology, write very good, fair-minded, and well-researched information about common "beliefs" about health and obesity, i.e. the usefulness of BMI measurements. The blog also points out that the most important thing you can do to ensure your long life and health even into the geriatric stage is to get up off your ass and exercise (nutrition is important, too, but the stress is on movement, no matter how slight).

But the best thing of all on Obesity Panacea? Debunking the claims of weight loss schemes (their old archive is here, and it's well-worth clicking through). I love those articles.

It's weird how I'm slowly turning into an amateur life sciences geek...

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